How energy intelligent

are your buildings?

Can your buildings create additional savings

from lower energy costs?

Seldera’s Building Dynamics - intelligent, sensing analytics

for continuous measurement, control, and verification.

Energy savings that increase your competitiveness.

Built in load disaggregation

enables virtual sub-metering.

Cost effective tool allows load analytics

at an equipment level.

Delivering actionable information

through customized mobile reporting.

Engaging organizations at multiple levels

by delivering the relevant information

for each group on mobile devices.

Regional portfolio view

across buildings.

Plus drill down analysis into specific buildings.


You will be able to cut, eliminate, move and reduce energy to identify savings opportunities.

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Building Dynamics is a modular system with a common user interface, supporting expansion and enabling more energy efficiency results.

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Building Dynamics utilizes a suite of software and hardware components that deliver real-time results.

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Why Seldera

Seldera's signature platform building Dynamics is a 'no-cost to low cost' wireless sensing system.

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Energy New England Enters into Strategic Partnership with Seldera

ECHOSM Analytics cialis 20mg pas cher combines with Building Dynamics tool to analyze energy consumption throu


Seldera to Exhibit at NCBC 2014, Hartford, CT on May 20th

Seldera to exhibit at the  2014 National Conference on Building Commissioning organized by the Building Commissioning Association. Stop by…