Wireless Automation for Building Control Freaks – GreenBiz.com


Wireless Automation for Building Control Freaks – GreenBiz.com

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It’s no surprise that businesses can slash their energy bills with better building performance. But the upfront costs of the technology to boost performance can be a deal breaker: The American Council of Energy Efficient Economy predicts that $250 million dollars will be spent over the next decade on commercial and industrial building energy upgrades.

With its Building Dynamics wireless sensor system, newcomer Seldera hopes to help building owners who are struggling with performance woes – and watching their capital expenditure. The company has developed a lightweight, wireless sensor system to make existing buildings smarter.

It’s not really free: Customers pay no upfront costs, but agree to pay Seldera an amount equal to half of their energy savings each month for two years. Still, customers get lower electric bills — even after Seldera’s cut is factored in — without having to make an upfront investment. Essentially, Seldera provides the system and splits the benefits with its customers. …Continue Reading