Automated Savings


Automated Savings

Automated Savings and Verification

Building Dynamics LogoThe Seldera Automated Savings and Verification version of Building Dynamics is highly sophisticated, providing automated building and process adjustments to optimize savings while maintaining occupant comport and production. The Automated Savings and Verification version intelligently extracts key trends and status from sensors and analytics to adjust control points. Controllers automatically manage building equipment and other electric loads. This product version offers continuous online measurement and verification of energy savings. It is scalable to create a large campus wide or region wide portfolio view.

Key Benefits the Seldera Automated Savings and Verification:

  • Scalability enables cross pollination and cross campus consistency for maximum optimization.
  • Low-cost installation, upgrades, and subscriptions shorten payback times.
  • Continuous M&V is built-in, the next generation of automated energy optimization.

Primary Features of the Seldera Continuous Efficiency Profiling:

  • Automated internal reporting.
  • Full and automated IPMVP-compliant M&V reporting.
  • Interfaces to existing building management systems (BMS)
  • Patent pending analysis algorithms rapidly identify behavior patterns, providing quick response to on-site changes.
  • Easy-to-install WiFi and Ethernet sub-meters that can disaggregate and measure the consumption of individual circuits or the entire facility.
  • Wireless pulse meters measure electricity, gas, and water consumption by integrating with existing utility meters.
  • Wireless motion-based occupancy sensors for accurate sensing of occupancy at the zone and room level.
  • Wireless On/OFF sensors for automatically recording the hours of operation of different equipment.
  • Wireless temperature/humidity sensors provide key closed loop.

Case Study:

A 46,000 sq. ft. commercial office building with large consumption took advantage of the automated savings product to save on electric bills. Seldera’s sensing system was used to provide automated decisions and actionable information that reduced the building’s energy consumption.

The online analytics use automatically extracts occupancy schedules and interacts with the building automation system to tell it how to shut-off at the end of the day. Within 6 months of deployment the system saved over $10,000, a 15% reduction over the same period in the previous year.