Benchmarking and Remote Audit


Benchmarking and Remote Audit

Seldera Meter Dashboard for Benchmarking, Baseline Analysis, and Load Disaggregation

Building Dynamics LogoSeldera Meter Dashboard is an entry-level version of Building Dynamics suite. It is a low-cost, easy-to-use portal for evaluating building energy performance and identifying energy efficiency measures. This version analyses utility interval data and fundamental building information from Seldera’s self-configuring factory floor sensing network. In addition, the benchmarking module can compare the client building’s energy consumption to similar buildings using the information from the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager database.

The Meter Dashboard is normally implemented in two phases. The first phase is a 5-12 week investigation phase that conducts initial load disaggregation (virtual sub-metering) and creates an hourly load profile. This investigation phase identifies and quantifies no-cost, lo-cost ECM’s. The second phase is an ongoing subscription model that provides the client with a web portal to monitor continuous, real-time efficiency performance. From this web portal, clients can view standard reports and create custom reports.

Building Dynamics - Benchmarking and Remote Audit

Key Benefits the Seldera Meter Dashboard:

  • Quick view of key building energy performance (status and trends) and easy to navigate drill down.
  • Identification of energy saving opportunities.
  • Measurement of energy performance upgrades and behavior changes (real-time feedback).

Primary Features of the Seldera Meter Dashboard:

  • Fast installation and configuration (usually 1 day) to minimize any disruption and minimize set-up costs.
  • Intuitive user interface of web based portal provide a powerful information of status and highlights area for further savings.
  • Fast feedback of savings against implemented ECM’s.

Case Study:

This 100-year old building with no digital controls had high electricity consumption and needed a means for identifying and prioritizing energy efficiency upgrades.

Buildign Dynamics Benchmarking and Remote Audit Case Study - 48 HoweThe building manager applied the Building Dynamics Benchmarking and Remote Audit product to verify that the building was inefficient compared to other peer buildings and that improvements were possible. The interactive remote audit tool allowed the building manager to enter operational information using a mobile phone.

Today, this information is combined with 15-minute interval data using online analytics to disaggregate loads. The analysis and measure recommendations are then displayed on the Seldera web portal. The portal keeps track of the building performance and generates reports on the progress made as energy efficiency measures are implemented.