Building Dynamics utilizes a suite of software and hardware components that deliver real-time results, starting day one.

Intelligent, wireless sensing system correlates building occupancy patterns and production processes with energy consumption to identify opportunities for noteworthy cost savings.

The revolutionary Building Dynamics solution evolved from years of research in intelligent embedded systems. It combines continuous load analysis with behavior analytics to exploit the dynamics of building usage and drive deeper savings.

The system applies this knowledge to savings by:

  1. Actionable information and detailed reports
  2. Direct interface with existing building management systems (BMS) and production control systems
  3. Application-specific controls

Advanced beyond traditional building energy management systems:

  • Uses building-wide intelligence
  • Makes continuous adjustments based on energy consumers in the building
  • Costs significantly less than conventional building management systems
  • Drives deeper savings by combining load analysis with occupant behavior analytics
  • Uses wireless sensors that reduce equipment and installation costs and can run independent of existing BMS for troubleshooting and calibration
  • Complements and enhances existing building management systems, so there’s no need to upgrade an old system to use it