Case Study One

This 100-year-old building with no digital controls had high electricity consumption and needed a means for identifying and prioritizing energy efficiency upgrades.

The building manager applied the Baseline Analysis and Load Disaggregation (Benchmarking and Remote Audit) tier to verify that the building was inefficient compared to other peer buildings and that improvements were possible. The interactive remote audit tool allowed the building manager to enter operational information using a mobile phone.

Today, the system combines this information with 15-minute interval data using online analytics to disaggregate loads. The analysis and measure recommendations then appear on the Seldera Web portal. The portal tracks building performance and generates reports on efficiency and savings as the building owner implements the energy efficiency measures.

Case Study Two

An industrial facility wanted to improve the energy efficiency of its buildings and manufacturing processes. At that time, only one utility meter existed at the facility, and there was no capability to monitor real-time electricity use or correlate the energy use with activities in the facility.

Seldera installed its Continuous Audit and Behavior Modification (Consumption Profiling) tier wireless sensing and actuation network to provide visibility into consumption and to exploit savings opportunities. A wireless network of electric meters and sensors was deployed across the facility to measure and disaggregate electrical loads. A set of sensors on the same network simultaneously measured the temperature, humidity, and occupancy of the building.

Today, the facility’s management and employees use Seldera’s Web portal to monitor the consumption of their operations and to make decisions on operation and infrastructure changes. The portal allows them to study the patterns and magnitudes of electric loads and helps them make decisions on how to improve performance while reducing operating costs.

Case Study Three

A 46,000-square-foot commercial office building with large consumption is taking advantage of the Automated Savings and Verification tier to save on electricity bills. Seldera’s sensing system is used to provide automated decisions and actionable information that reduces the building’s energy consumption.

The online analytics tool automatically extracts occupancy schedules and interacts with the building management system to command shut-off at the end of the day.

Within six months of deployment, the system saved over $12,000, a 15% reduction over the same period in the previous year.