Energy Savings While Your Facility Sleeps


Energy Savings While Your Facility Sleeps

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Seldera’s Building Dynamics helps industrial manufacturers capture savings from idling loads.

Once an insignificant overhead charge, electricity is an increasingly large component of operating costs for US industrial manufacturers.  Both rates ($/kWhr) and usage (kWhr consumed) are key drivers of costs.  The US Energy Information Administration estimates that national electricity consumption (kWhr consumed) in the industrial sector will continue to increase at an annual average rate of 0.6 percent through 2040.

With climbing costs in both energy generation and energy distribution, manufacturers must look for ways to decrease energy expenses to remain competitive.  Electricity once viewed as simply an enabler of production started to receive attention when power outages stopped production.  Now, electricity is viewed as a tool to improve competitiveness through cost savings from energy efficiency and improvements in productivity.

For some manufacturers however, reducing energy usage and costs via energy efficiency can be challenging.  Custom built machinery is hard to replace and the identification of savings opportunities requires some up-front investigation effort.

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