What is a typical start-up schedule at an industrial facility?

In most medium-scale industrial facility installations, there are two phases; 1) the Investigation phase (Energy Analysis) and 2) ongoing Monitoring phase (Subscription Service).

The Investigation phase runs 5-12 weeks once installed, the duration partially influenced by the how steady state the production processes are (batch / job shop or continuous production).

The installation consists of two separate visits (This second visit is usually scheduled ~2 weeks after the first initial visit. During this second visit, additional sensors may installed or existing sensors may be moved to alternate loads

Again the goal is to make adjustments to lower both demand (kW) and usage charges (kWh) via behavior as well as provide data for hard EMC’s.

How complex is the installation of Seldera sensing devices?

The raw current sensing device is a set of current transformer (CT’s) that connect to each phase of key electric meter disconnects. Hence, these main panels can be left on or shut off for installation of the CT’s, depending upon your internal policies. Installing on a live box is faster but safety is most important. Other sensors (on-off status, temperature, occupancy, …) are typical wireless and self-configure, simplifying installation, reducing time and costs.

Who has web portal access?

Unless the client instruct otherwise, only two groups will have access to data from this system: 1) Seldera efficiency engineers will track the data; intensely during the Investigation phase, and 2) client personnel. For the client, we can provide one master login or we can create individual accounts (recommended). Each login consists of a login name and a password. The system can be configured to generate standard reports, and alert emails. In addition, the web portal can direct select output to a large display (may be in a lunch room or repeated throughout the production floor). Ongoing feedback is a valuable benefit of the Seldera Building Dynamics system.

How scalable is Seldera’s Building Dynamics?

Both the hardware and software components of Seldera’s Building Dynamics are built in a modular fashion to allow for rapid scalability. Seldera has installed Building Dynamics at single facilities and is under consideration for several regional utility scale deployments (100’s of buildings). Ease of installation and maintenance, combined with an intuitive user interface allow for consistency within facilities, across campuses and regions, as well as across building types including commercial, residential, and industrial. Seldera has created a highly scalable energy analytics system.

What is the origin of this technology?

Seldera’s underlying algorithms were developed by the co-founders at Yale University. Portions of this technology are under patent review.