Seldera Co-Founder delivers a talk at Bridgewater State University – Bridgewater, MA


Seldera Co-Founder delivers a talk at Bridgewater State University – Bridgewater, MA

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Seldera Co-Founder and VP of Engineering Dr. Athanasios (Nasos) Bamis delivered a talk at Bridgewater State University. The talk titled “Using Wireless Sensing and Big Data Analytics for Energy Efficiency”.  Dr. Bamis gave the student audience a brief tutorial on Building Automation systems. The discussion provided demonstration how wireless sensing and BIG DATA analytics was applied to by Seldera to merge information across systems to deliver low-cost energy savings that often exceed 15%.


Seldera is a technology-oriented subsidiary of Ameresco Inc. specializing in information-driven energy efficiency. Its technology focuses on the discovery of energy saving opportunities through the analysis of historical billing data, interval data and more detailed behind-the-meter data from building automation systems, sub-meters and sensors. Building Dynamics, Seldera’s core product, is based on a suite of online analytics also supported by a versatile wireless network of wireless sub-meters and sensors that can be quickly installed in buildings on short-term and long term basis. It is applied to identify savings using advanced analytics in load disaggregation, occupant behavior and correlative analysis between energy uses and load usage schedules. Building Dynamics is currently used in commercial buildings, university campuses and industrial facilities.   Seldera was originally founded out of Yale University and became part of the Ameresco family in October 2012.